Windows dns ptr records not updating

The lookup table is persistent by default (Postfix 2.7 and later).Specify an empty table name to keep the information in volatile memory which is lost after "postfix reload" or "postfix stop".This form is supported with Postfix versions ≥ 3.0.The remainder of this document is a description of all Postfix configuration parameters.If the database becomes corrupted, the world comes to an end.To recover delete (NOT: truncate) the file and do "postfix reload".Postfix daemon processes do not use root privileges when opening this file (Postfix 2.5 and later).The file must therefore be stored under a Postfix-owned directory such as the data_directory.

Specify a location in a file system that will not fill up.This feature is available in Postfix 2.6 and later.The amount of time between verify(8) address verification database cleanup runs.Unnecessary changes are likely to impair the operation of the mail system.The numerical Postfix SMTP server response code for an access(5) map "defer" action, including "defer_if_permit" or "defer_if_reject".

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