Who is christian bale dating

Pals: Bale, Gosling (pictured centre), Pitt and Carrell (pictured right) all portray major players in the creation of the credit default swap market.

After making a few TV commercials, he caught director Steven Spielberg's eye and at the age of 13 was cast in the starring role of Empire of the Sun.

The noble saviour of Gotham, familiar to generations of comic-book readers and TV viewers, had been replaced by an altogether darker superhero, prone to violence and consumed by hatred for his enemies.

After the show, as the audience came out of the cinema into the heat of a July evening, the first-night fans could hardly have known that the drama was to continue off screen in a similarly troubled fashion – so much so that it has overshadowed the film’s blockbuster release.

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The actor first met Sibi, a former model, when she worked as Winona Ryder's personal assistant, and the pair tied the knot in January 2000 before welcoming a daughter in 2005.

It will eventually happen, whatever it is that finally happens to bad people like you.

You fancy yourself a good guy, but you fool only yourself.

You are the villain., which means everyone thinks the mystery man is Christian Bale. The actor has rage issues that we've seen blow up in the media, from his infamous tirade directed at a DP on the set of , which was recorded and distributed; to the fight with his mother and sister in 2008 that has them permanently estranged.

The accusations in the blind item certainly seem to match the other incidents where he's lost control.

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