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“I’ve made it my mission in life to make sure others don’t fall for these scams.” Right now, all that’s left of Selena’s assets are: ,639 in her employer defined contribution pension plan, ,000 in a LIF (from a previous employer), ,000 in an RRSP, ,292 in her company’s deferred profit sharing plan (DPSP), 0 in a savings account and an SUV worth ,000.

Blackening the picture is the fact that, between two broken marriages and the online dating scam, Selena has accumulated ,140 in credit card and line-of-credit debt, as well as a car loan and a Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) debt for an underwater mortgage from her second marriage.

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In 2003, Selena married a second time, this time to Sam, a local contractor who owned his own business in Calgary.

“Sam cheated on me numerous times and was a spender in every sense of the word.

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When I got a call from a so-called ‘courier company’ I foolishly believed it, but it was just a trap.” Maurice told Selena that he would buy a house in Edmonton for the two of them once his business was up and running.That money is invested 60% in Canadian equities and 40% in U. “I’m happy with the two funds I hold now.” In addition, she has built up ,292 in employer contributions to her DPSP and she can also count on receiving 0-a-month from her Lifetime Income Fund with monthly payments having already started this past May.In her spare time Selena enjoys going to the gym and for 0 a year, considers it a bargain.I was easy prey, and I’m crushed.” All in all, Selena lost ,000—almost all of her life savings.Now, only a dozen or so years away from retirement, she has set her mind to starting over financially.

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