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Read More Search for past sheriffs in our free directory. If you know of other past sheriffs lists online, please let us know.

Using the following directory, you will locate lists of former sheriffs along with photographs, biographies, county jail histories, county sheriff office history and other documents dating back as far as the 1600's. History of Ohio Sheriffs Allen County Past Holders of the Sheriff's Office Past sheriffs of Allen County, Ohio 1831 to current. Alliance Police Department History Features a nicely written history of the Alliance, Ohio Police Department and includes lists of past City Marshalls and Police Chiefs from 1872 to present day.

Movies, and what women do in and to them, are better than the Academy seemed to realize.

The same could be said about a lot of women in a lot of jobs.

“To give you an idea how young she is, it’ll be sixteen years before she’s too old for Clooney,” Mac Farlane said. ) But the misogynistic low point involving Wallis was a tie between Mac Farlane and the .

After a clip of her performance in “Beasts of the Southern Wild” played—in which she acted strong and independent and ready to yell back—she pumped her arms joyously. But rather than being an aberration, it was of a piece with the evening. (As with the Salma Hayek thing, there may have been a racial strain to this one, which only makes it more enraging.) And anyway, when you grow up, we’ll just want you to show your boobs.

And who knows what the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Chorus thought that it was doing by serving as Mac Farlane’s backup singers; one does wonder what the rhetorical point was meant to be.

We saw your boobs, but that’s not even what we find attractive, so you exerted no power in doing so—all you did was humiliate yourself? It could be that Mac Farlane just thought it would be funny for him to say the word “gay” as often as possible.

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There are more and less obvious ways to talk about politics and the Oscars.“Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Quvenzhané Wallis is kind of a cunt, right? What the women actually showed during the evening was that they worked a lot harder, and a lot smarter, than Seth Mac Farlane.Shirley Bassey sang “Goldfinger,” and Adele sang “Skyfall”—it’s notable that two of the better moments in the show involved Bond films—and Barbra Streisand was mesmerizing with “The Way We Were.” Either by dint of age or body type or simple strength and craft, none of the three were what the Oscars had been telling women that they had to be—a reminder that it’s best not to listen to guys like Mac Farlane.Athens County Past Sheriffs Features a list of past sheriffs who served Athens County between 1805 and present time.Auglaize County Sheriff's History History of the office of Sheriff.

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