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The more it happens, the more annoying it gets, and the true regardless of your personality type.Now, imagine it with two talkative people and it becomes pretty apparent of the problem here.Sure, there’s old saying, “never judge a book by its cover” however, let’s face it, plenty of people still do.At first glance girls often see this huge hole of self-confidence, and in return, it can be a huge turn off.In the world of relationships, there’s some truth in the old saying, “opposites attract.” A talkative, bubbly, and outgoing woman may very well desire a man who keeps quiet and is willing to listen to her talk all day long.While a shy guy might not say much, a well-spoken man might continually drown her out of every conversation.Needless to say, it can build up a great deal of frustration.

While not all shy guys are truly insecure or lacking on self-esteem, a lot of women can automatically see it that way.If not, the yin and yang will simplify things more easily here.In Chinese philosophy, it represents the idea that in nature opposite forces are actually complimentary, not to mention, interdependent.In return, rather than seeing the good, a lot of shy guys today end up shooting themselves in the foot while focusing only on the negatives. Towards the end you’ll discover the greatest secrets to dating success too.Shy guys bring a higher level of challenge to the table.

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