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Więcej informacji, łącznie z informacjami o dostępnych opcjach kontroli, znajdziesz w dokumencie : Zasady stosowania plików cookie.A movie known best on, adored by the masses for its strange and sick atmosphere." Salad Fingers would pwn every bit of competition if entered in the Cannes film festival, I'll place money on it.

Another way you use tone to your advantage is through the well-done voice acting, Salad Fingers has this eerie, crinkled whisper that is used well in this dark comedy.who awakens from a coma to find yourself held captive by Salad Fingers.You must escape and explore the Salad Fingers universe in search of your daughter May.Add file and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers., allow me to introduce you to a pustulous Tim Heidecker head popping out of a toilet: And whatever the hell this is: And let’s throw in these scary children for good measure: So now that you’ve seen these screencaps (from a previously released trailer), you know a bit of what you can anticipate come mid-Summer, which is when the streaming service Shudder — which just picked up — will make it available.

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