Online web chats for adults

Unfortunately, there’s no hard “yes” or “no” answer to this question that applies to everyone who embarks upon this path.

In terms of the actual online learning process, the name of the game is speed and flexibility.It always helps to send copies of your old work to previous professors or teachers you’ve had, it can help jog their memories. I am a 22-year-old that has done poorly in 2 years at a state university and a year and a half of community college (a year of which I got bad grades)…but have since worked hard, overcome depression, and revised my work ethic considerably.I did very well in high school and had stellar SAT scores, but cannot be accepted into college now because of past failures.Classes are usually offered via short eight week-long semesters as a way to expedite your time in the virtual classroom, though some institutions still abide by the more traditional 16 week-long variation (or give you the option to choose between a standard semester or accelerated one).Submitting tests, papers, and other coursework is typically accomplished via an online learning platform, so you can complete your required assignments at any time, as long as you finish before the due date established by your professor.

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