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Whatever the case, it makes no sense to have a solitary online payment service relationship.Just as you use cash and plastic in the bricks and mortar stores, use a Pay Pal alternative wherever you can.We look at 5 Pay Pal alternatives that you might consider switching to, or using in conjunction. It might be because you signed up to pay a seller on e Bay, or because you run an online store that uses Pay Pal to take payments, something that is now possible offline.The fact is, Pay Pal is an immense presence that many people around the world rely on.Should your device become lost or stolen, Apple Pay can be suspended by signing into i Cloud and activating Lost Mode.Apple Pay is easy to use, and when we polled readers in 2014, 25 percent said they planned to use it, with almost 17 percent already doing payment service that we automatically gravitate to, thanks in no small part to its connection with e Bay.But is it really the best and most secure method of making online payments?

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Perhaps you’re fully invested in their way of doing things. Pay Pal accounts regularly get blocked, either because they’ve been hijacked (although in my experience, Pay Pal are always slower to act than the user) or because (according to those who have had their accounts blocked) someone at Pay Pal made a decision that didn’t reflect that facts.

Interestingly, Google Wallet has started offering users free debit cards Google Wallet is now offering their US users a free debit card for offline purchases anywhere that accepts Mastercard or debit cards, as well as withdrawing cash from your Wallet account at ATMs and banks. Based in the UK, Nochex is a relatively small service compared to the others mentioned here, but there is a strong chance that you have used it as an alternative to Pay Pal already, or at least seen it listed as a payment option.

Integrated into over 50 shopping carts and online store applications, Nochex is also listed as an acceptable payment method on e Bay, although its full integration into the system has taken some time.

However, there is evidence that the crown is beginning to slip.

More and more Pay Pal alternatives are appearing, giving consumers a new way to pay, one that might be cheaper, more flexible, more reliable, with better customer service or simply offering a better way of doing things.

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