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) I remember there was a Financial Analyst who was on Whirlpool who did the modelling of this problem, but no one took him seriously. I'm not sure about the following statement, but any ideas if you could get it through Freedom of Information? I think the CVC is at the POI (ie where data crosses from ISP backhaul to NBN's network) EDIT: but I see lots of comments about the first 150Mbs/month CVC being free per CSA, so perhaps it's actually per CSA? NBN Co plans to rebate the wholesale charge for the first 150Mbps per month on its Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) until there are 30,000 premises passed in a connectivity serving area, which connects to a point of interconnect (Po I).

And despite the delimiter article, its an issue that exists across all forms of the NBN, including FTTP.

If she could understand the pictures, the grass, the emotions, she would understand more about herself.

BTW, looks like a racoon scampering across the street in the composite image ...

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Is it right back at the Point Of Interconnect (POI)? POI – Point Of Interconnect CSA – Connectivity Service Area SA – Service Area SAM – Service Area Module ADA – Access Distribution Area (Node? I do know someone who works as one of their partners from a large investment bank, but he was only involved with the rollout, so would be short on any numbers. Otherwise any comments here would just be speculation.

Most of the leaves have fallen, so I attached the bagger and ran 'em over - a significant before/after change!

oh lol, I spotted that at like 8.30am the truck at the top left side of the camera but timezones are bad I only get to see grass grow for like 3 hours before I go to sleep and when I wake up the next morning it's around 5pm here and sun already set :___ The message was in the grass. She watched the pictures of grass created in her mind. Starving for comprehension, she ate blade after blade after blade. And because she finally quit watching, she had time for me, that's why she finally got pregnant.

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