Intj intj dating

They want to be able to bond with others and feel a strong connection with them.The INFJ understands people very easily and often feels the emotions of others very strongly.They are good at seeing the truth behind their world, making them capable of seeing the darkest parts of people.They are well aware of the cruelty and pain that people can inflict upon others.The INFJ Paradox is often used to reference the many qualities of the INFJ that contradict themselves.INFJs are complex individuals, with concrete values and a deep understanding of others.They need to be alone to recharge and often needs large quantities of alone time to feel fully like themselves.At the same time the INFJ craves being around people and loves to be able to connect with others.

The INFJ is a natural support system for the people around them, often capable of making them feel understood and appreciated.

This often makes the INFJ feels cynical and angry towards people, often wanting to be away from the world because of this.

At the same time the INFJ believes in people and often is capable of seeing the best in others.

The INFJ also craves solitude, but simultaneously craves being around people.

This of course is a very confusing and paradoxical combination for the INFJ.

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