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I can usually get on here when my girls are at school and my little one is napping.

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Drop outs often occur in the chat room through associated connectivity problems and are just a fact of using the internet, they occur to us all. Below are just some ideas and suggestions, you can take or leave them, that's up to you. (Yes, guy subs, I'm talking to YOU) The only people you impress are those who have been on line dominants for less than an hour or the Dommes who got their idea of D/s from internet fantasy fodder.Our Cam4 chat is also really popular and is a lot like random chat, but you connect with four strangers instead of just one.The simplicity of using Chatrandom makes the entire experience easy and fun.I am a married businessman who travels a lot for business.I love long literate and passionate or rough rp's with...

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