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The return of Jess is better than anything that has ever happened anywhere and everywhere.

The return of Sean Cody’s Jess is better than a red velvet cheesecake.

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When JFK failed to show, Nixon settled for lunch and giving a speech at a town park.

" A week or two passes and Bryan finally got to book Tobin’s flight, and realized his last name isn’t the same as Micah’s. Maybe it’s our jaded gayness, but we can relate to the whole tight friendship, but calling your friend your brother is just kind of a part of male bonding that we just don’t get without tossing in a little Bromance lol!

, and both guys look hot together with all that muscle mass sliding up against each other.

When Micah told us his little brother might be interested in doing a solo or even more we were totally eager to see what his little brother looked like.

He sent some pics and we were like, "WOW, you two look a lot a like, and yikes, he is hot! They just have been friends for so long, and Micah has lived on and off with Tobin’s family, that they both use the term "brother" loosely.

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