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You see, one can not claim that size doesn't matter and then bring up Valuev who has a record of 50-2 and who has not even one proper loss on his record (both losses merely by majority decision).Of course Valuev's opponents weren't stellar, but if anything then Valuev proves the opposite: Size alone can be a substitute for boxing skill. Anybody who thinks otherwise, or anybody who claims that ancient greats (Ali, Holmes, Maricano) would have no trouble with modern ultraheavyweights (despite of the weight differences is fooling himself.See, Ali looked great against big guys – Cleveland Williams I’ll give you as an example, a huge guy.

And you have to realize that Angelo Dundee (by artificially increasing Clay/Ali's merits) increases his own merits (and maybe the numbers on his own bank account) (: 45% (featherfist) Holmes' KO'ratio against smaller-than-self opponents: 60%Holmes' KO'ratio against same-or-taller-than-self opponents: 40%(based on 50 fights where the height of opponent is known) And please note how Larry Holmes is SPECIFICALLY asked about a higher weight division ( or however you want to name it) would instantly DEMOTE Larry Holmes to a "mere heavyweight".

For an in-depth analysis of Ali vs Klitschko read Muhammad Ali vs Wladimir Klitschko – Fact-based analysis and prediction Another variation of the HAWAI lie is .

That is the topic at Boxing eras (2) Current heavyweights are fat and out of shape -OR- Ali and the mystery of the six-pack This is an article for itself Wladimir Klitschko only wins by outweighing his opponents Another variation of the HAWAI lie is First of all let me point out that NOBODY here claims that very tall heavy boxers are unbeatable.

Many boxing experts EARN MONEY by perpetuating the myth that weight doesn't matter. The HAWAI lie secures them TV talking time and DVD sales.

You see, if someone claims "That ant has a far superior footwork than the elephant! Additionally by ignoring the weight such experts not only increase Ali's chances to win against modern champs, they also cover up that one of the main reasons why Ali won so often is that he outweighed his opponents so often (as opposed to Wladimir Klitschko or Mike Tyson).

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