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Jess Ross, editor of uk, said: 'Online dating is revolutionising the way people meet each other.

Switching the computer on could be the first step to success.'According to industry surveys, more than 22million people visited dating websites in 2007, and more than two million Britons are signed up to singles sites.

Unhealthy relationships can start early and last a lifetime.

At the same time, men from many different countries find it more and more difficult to find a life partner, in their own country, who still believe in the traditional family values.

At the same time, the under-35s were more likely to know someone who had been on a date or had a long-term relationship with someone they met through online dating.

The survey also found that and Dating Direct were the most popular dating websites.

Of the 147 couples who took part in the study, 61 per cent said their relationships had high levels of these three components.

The researchers also found that men were more likely to find true love on the internet than women.

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