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Auch ein Webshop oder das Forum braucht diese Cookie Technik um Dich als Käufer oder Forumbenutzer durch Prozesse zu führen.Um zum Beipiel zu merken, dass ein Artikel im Warenkorb ist wärend man auf der Website von Seite zu Seite geht."Whenever a specialist is looking for a mark, they like to know they're the first ones in," he says. Well, there was rumor that there was a guy at the end of the production line and he was penciling in not the dates but profanity, and then bolting the necks together."It's like we're opening up an old grave that hasn't been tampered with in the past." But he found no hidden date penciled in at the end of the neck. "It's a well-known fact that [in 1959] they dispensed with penciling in the dates," Kerry explains. Leo Fender heard about it, and said, 'Okay, you guys, no more writing the dates in pencils.'" To find other identifying serial numbers, Kerry could have searched other parts of the guitar's innards by taking off the tremolo mechanism, for example, or removing the pick guard, or uncovering the vibrato cavity.Since Fender guitars are bolted together with easily interchangeable parts, serial numbers aren’t the best way to date them. Many will also have a large “F” inscribed on this plate as well as a serial number.

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(But don't worry, he's a professional.) After carefully separating the neck from the body, he found no pencil mark, suggesting this Fender was made in 1959.

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I love blonde and sunburst finishes but my favorite guitars are the vintage Fender custom colors with matching headstocks.

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