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If your Mac is a dual-boot system that has a partition with an older mac OS version that can't read APFS disks, you won't be offered the option to upgrade the disk during High Sierra installation, but you can reformat your disk later on by booting to Recovery Mode and using the Disk Utility. Apple claims massive increases in graphics speed, thanks to the new Metal 2 technology in High Sierra.

Apple also introduced native support for virtual reality.

You can also now share notes with contacts for collaboration.

In the latest version of High Sierra, Spotlight illuminates more territory.

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You can also set Safari Reader to display automatically for easier, less distracted reading.The recipient can view or (if you allow it) edit the original file by clicking on a link.You can still send files as attachments, but this method means that your colleagues can always collaborate with you on the latest version of a file. Apple keeps plugging potential openings for bad guys to invade your system.This key productivity app gets a more sensible interface in High Sierra.Apple's Mail app—for me, the standout app for managing multiple mail accounts—now supports a split-screen feature that's available when you're running the app full-screen.

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