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Where your boyfriend is right — even if he’s being heavy-handed about it — is that it’s good to discuss your sex life before you tie the knot to make sure you are on the same page.If one spouse prioritises daily love-making and the other thinks it’s fine to have sex once a month, then they are bound to run into serious difficulties.It is also true that studies show many women are initially reluctant to respond to their partner’s sexual advances.However, if they decide to comply for their spouse’s benefit, they often report they began to feel turned on and achieved an orgasm.However, I agree that there’s precious little that’s romantic about a sex schedule.Indeed, why not ask your man how he would feel if his flag was at half-mast and you promptly dropped him.Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it would be mistake not to be honest if that is the case.You must understand how important this is to your partner and that, if you truly love him, you owe him your honesty.

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I suppose you could take it as a compliment that your partner is obsessed with your body, not your finances.We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?Orgasmaniacs gives you premiere quality photographs and movie footage of beautiful women having real orgasms.

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