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It was early August and I’d been at the computer most of the morning and into the afternoon, Jo Jo moving in-and-out of my office, my aching, throbbing cock driving me mad as my lust grew, and grew, and grew!She was just too damned hot for her own good, and finally, I’d had enough of her teasing ways Okay! It was my fault for letting her buy whatever she wanted as-far-as clothing and swimwear were concerned.Walking over to my closet, I opened the door and grabbed a handful of ties, then led her over to my bed, where I released her wrist and, my voice thickened by my intensely potent lust, told her, “Get your little ass up on the bed and lay down in the center, on your back, I crawled upon the massive four-poster bed, and straddled her, not putting all my weight on her, but just enough to hold her in-place!

I went into my closet and brought them out, making quick work of setting them up to record our very first fuck! You LOVE what daddy’s big cock is doing for you little whore’s pussy, don’t you, slut?! Daddy’s gonna fuck you hard and Daddy’s gonna fuck you fast!! I was about to come harder than I’d ever come in my life, and I knew exactly where I wanted to put it! She was getting intense orgasmic pleasure from what was no longer the rape of her virgin cunt!

As-soon-as I had the camcorder attached to the tripod, I moved it near to the head of the bed, right up against the nightstand, and pointing directly down at her little pussy! She was taking everything I had and giving it right back, as though working towards the same goal as I!

I would capture ALL the action: Plunging my steely prick through her cherry and into her tightness; forcefully thrusting deeper and deeper and deeper inside her, until the full 10½” was buried to my balls! She was coming so hard that she couldn’t even speak anymore!

I was in a constant state of arousal, my big cock always at least semi-hard if not fully erect, aching to beat hell.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I worked at an office downtown, and spent most of the day away from the house. I work at home as a computer programmer, working for several banks and insurance companies, keeping their servers up and running.

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