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Rather than tell him about this decision in the privacy of his hotel, they waited until he tried to get into the stadium, at which point they sent down some heavies to physically repel him like a drunk at a funeral.

Their communications plan - essentially watching their incompetence and pursuant drama unfold live on screen before the watching world - was going well.

I thought Katrina Johnson-Thompson would restore my faith.

I have had a soft spot for her ever since getting sick of the sight of Ennis-Hill face-flogging me stuff from Santander.

No one gets a head start because they come from a sink estate, and there are no special lanes for recipients of free school meals. And the games are male or female (as are the bathroom facilities).

Which does beg the question exactly what they thought he was capable of doing in a 20-second, half-lap qualifier. Sending faecal matter raining down on anyone in his wake?Far be it from me to criticise, as a mere spectator incapable of hurdling a traffic cone, but who waits two years to jump over a bar only to give it a vital height miss to conserve energy?It's hardly climbing Everest in your lunch break, is it?He is huge only in his capacity to underwhelm, virtually walking to cross the line for the 400 metre final because his closest competitor had been confined to a hotel phantom explosive diarrhoea.What with the drugs and the sh*ts, sport was suddenly looking decidedly less pure than I had hoped.

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