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At the stage door for Peter and the Starcatcher (in which he gave a simply breathtaking performance) he was so eager to meet everyone who was waiting outside for him and made sure to chat and take pictures with each and every fan.One of the monologues Chanler-Berat performed in the play, which was about how his character Boy hates the word “sorry”, and the few seconds of silence that followed the speech was by far one of the most indescribably beautiful moments I’ve experienced in a theatre.It is being directed by Pam Mc Kinnon., following our acclaimed world premiere at Berkeley Rep, and the upcoming run at the Ahmanson in Los Angeles.It has been a joy bringing this musical to life with our incredible creative team," producer Aaron Harnick of Harbor Entertainment said in a statement.

This mash-up of all of these amazing musical influences that make you feel like you’re living 20 years with these characters in a really exciting way.

Chanler-Berat stayed with the show from its original production at Second Stage Theatre to its closing night on Broadway exactly three years later, being the only cast member to have done so.

Following Next to Normal's closing, Chanler-Berat was cast in the role of Boy (Peter) in the Off-Broadway play Peter and the Starcatcher, based on the book of the same name.

CHANLER-BERAT: Ugh, this interview is just gonna be us kissing each other’s asses! I’m really into this new thing that This American Life is starting, podcasts, a long story told an hour a week. The things that I’m into, Adam starts to do and vice versa. BELTRAN: I’m a big-time music junkie, so I’m always playing Adam new stuff.

Q: OK, we get it, you love each other, next question! CHANLER-BERAT: It’s full of huge musical moments, and then it has this way of suddenly stripping everything away and having a long scene. CHANLER-BERAT: We just watched that Beyonce and Jay-Z concert on HBO together!

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